Small Arms Ammunition by Paraguay

I just received information that Paraguay (DIMABEL or Direccion de Material Belico) has been producing pistol and rifle ammunition since the mid to late 1990s. Chile (FAMAE) provided machinery and assistance in the beginning. FAMAE also produced ammunition for Paraguay before DIMABEL set up it’s own capability. I have 9mm Para and 7.62 NATO with an F D headstamp code dated 1996. The box label is marked FAMAE & DIMABEL" which is the origin of the “F D” code.

I suspect that Paraguay has manufactured both of these calibers, and perhaps others. Does anyone have cartridges from Paraguay?

Thanks for the info Lew, you informed me partly before but some of the info was gone. Now we have to look for more info of DIMABEL and there current headstamp.
Wishes, Jan