Small Arms Ammunition, Philadelphia 1876


If somebody miss it - this is a booklet “Small Arms Ammunition at the Intenational Exposition Philadelphia, 1876”, Berkley R. Lewis, Smitsonian Institution Press, City of Washington, 1972. Subject - early small arms ammunition.



Thanks, I tucked it away for future reference.


You are welcome! I found this by chance about an year ago and I was impressed, because I never had such a source of info on early cartridges, mostly american, on their priming systems, calibers, bullet weights, etc. It was very interesting and usefull to me.



Is there a procedure to get information such as this filed away on the IAA site? The HTTP internet address is fine, but sooner or later it will go away, maybe to be lost forever. I’ve seen a number of good resource documents show up which should be archived and cataloged here for future reference.


We sould ask the adminitstrators of these forum and site - it is good idea to store such documentation on the site for not to fade away, I agree absolutely.
If the link at one moment dies, I have a copy and I’ll post it somehow for the archives.