Small Bergmann?

I have some of this little cartridge, the measures are:
Bullet Ø 5,7 mm
Case lenght 15 mm
Rim 8,8 mm
Rim thickness 1,2 mm
Neck is some 4,6 mm.
Ø of primer is 4 mm
May this be some early Bergmann? I do not see it in the CoW 16.
Very excited to find out what this may be!

This should be a (.22?) Morris aiming tube.

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.297/.230 Morris Short.
1880s subcaliber tube for .450/577 Martini Henri; also available for Revolvers, Cadet Martini (with dedicated Barrel,) Volunteer MLE, Etc.
Cartridges made in England, Belgium, and others. Original load
Doc AV


Thank you Doc Astrid! Truly impressed! Somehow it figures well, from the same source I got a fair amount of the ‘big brother’, enclosed. The .230 Morris Short I have never heard of.