Small-calibre ammunition documented in Syria (REPORT)

G’day all,

Some of you may remember my earlier report on small-calibre ammunition documented in Libya. The Small Arms Survey has recently released my latest report on small-calibre ammunition documented in Syria: … -Trail.pdf

Hopefully it is of interest to some of you. I would welcome any feedback directly:

I would also like to extend my thanks, again, to the many fellow IAA members who assisted in making the Syria report a possibility. A full list of acknowledgements is in the report itself.

Finally, I thought I would also take the opportunity to introduce Armament Research Services (ARES) to those of you who are not familiar with my company. We provide technical expertise on a range of arms and munitions related topics, and have worked closely with several IAA members already. There are often ammunition matters documented on the ARES blog, The Hoplite:

The company website:

Cheers all!

Thanks for sharing this report, it’s interesting reading

email address provided “is not routable.”

Photo 32 is 12.7x108, not 14.5x114

My apologies, there was an errant ‘e’ in there. That’s been corrected.

Photos 31 and 32 are certainly 12.7 x 108. You can see that cartridge is discussed under the correct section, but something obviously happened with the caption and they were placed incorrectly. Thanks for picking that up.