Small Collection... Seeking Values

Greetings fellow collectors,

This is my first post with a basic question.

I have a small collection of Winchester unfired cartridges…about 35 pieces that I am interested in selling. I also have a few full boxes of cartridges some of which I am also interested in selling.

I’ve had these cartridges for many years and do not know current values. I have a photo of the collection of individual cartridges plus a spreadsheet listing each with a brief description of shell shape, bullet type and heafdstamp.

What is a good source for values, and can my cartridges be posted on this site for sale?

Thanks for your help!


Hi, if you are a member of the IAA you can post on the buy,sell, trade forum.


Not sure what “NT” means, but all IAA members can post on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. Lately full boxes of older cartridges are selling pretty well. Pics would be helpful.

Thanks Jon C.