Small game

Here are some pre WWII French military experimental ctges
They are sorted with increasing bullet diameter from left to right.
What are they ? (:

Hi J-P,

  1. 6.1x62R Puteaux (ca. 1893)
  2. 6.5x61 STA
  3. Likely one of the STA rounds, but hard to tell with no dimensions.
  4. 7x59 STA No. 8
  5. 9x66 MAS with the ‘long’ Gerlich type squeeze bore bullet

Exceptionally nice rounds.


Hi Paul !


In French we say : “C’est une bete !!”, meaning he is very very good .

How do you say that in english : "What an animal !! " ???
I don’t think, but I would like to know.

You were very very close, and this is incredible, just taking a look on the shape of the ctges !!!

The number 3 is 7 x 61 STA
The number 4 is the 7 mmx 57 Meunier (or sta N

What does “STA” mean?

services tecniques de l armement = weapons technical division
it was attached to the war depatment