Small Greener

What is this cartridge called and what was its use? Headstamp is KYNOCK GREENER
Below the crimp—.294
It seems too light to have any shot in it.

I think it could be an harpoon launcher cartridge

Yes it is…I if PhotoBucket did not change my home page…I would have uploaded the image of three boxes to show more

where in the world did PhotoBucket hide the browse/upload buttons (I know they want you to be sucked in to look at 500 other links for advertisers, etc…I just want to upload a photo !



Photobucket has changed their entire page. At times you have to be patient and sit thru the ads until the “Choose Files” comes on. But, they’ve also improved it somewhat by including a handy “resize” dropdown menu (which members of this Forum are encouraged to use). And once you browse and click on the photo to be downloaded it switches into an automatic mode and the next thing you see is your photo.

To all other Forum members - PLEASE size your photos before linking them to the Forum. You’ll be doing yourself a favor too. When I open a thread and then have to wait while several photos download I usually just close the thread and go on to another. So, your threads aren’t getting attention from at least one member. Not that I’m important or anything.


thanks Ray…PhotoBucket was recognizing me…but I had to sign in again…and it gave me “choose files”

PS…Jack…it’s a Harpoon round !

i “loves” special purpose…any wild junk laying around ? keep me in mind !


11 days til road tripin’ to SLICS !!!

I have these two boxes in my collection

10 day’s to " SLICS" !!!


Proof cartridges

Are these formed from a .38 Spl. case? I’m assuming these pre-date the .38 Special headstamped Kynoch harpoon “special cartridges” with a green wax seal on the petal crimp. Boxes indicate for the “MK. 2” gun and those do not have the shouldered case. Pepper’s bottom right box indicates MK.2 gun as well but a bottlenecked case is displayed in fornt. Anyone know of the interchangeability or evolution of the two?

Also, Gyrojet’s kick butt proof rounds are labeled as “14 Grains”. Pepper’s box on top in his photo looks to also have a stamp there. I assume that’s the powder charge and am curious what might be the range? Or is that a proof box too, Pepper? Sorry I can’t make out the detail…