Small Kinetic Energy Dart/Flechette From Russia (APFSDS?)

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Google Translator translation of text accompanying the photo:

"Help identify the arrow.

I came across such an interesting arrow. It is about 10 cm long. Diameter is about 5 mm.
Stabilizers are similar to aluminium.
According to the history of this arrow, it was found by tenants in one of the premises of Tochmash Design Bureau. Nudelman.
And there were rumors that it was from some kind of experimental sniper rifle.
Search and googling did not yield results.
Judging by the size, it was done for a 12.7x108 player, but this is only an assumption …
Maybe someone came across similar bullets?" END QUOTE.

The ribs on the dart body may indicate this is a APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) dart/flechette as apposed to a kinetic energy dart or flechette delivered as a free fall weapon or loaded into artillery projectiles or missiles.

From Wikipedia-

The Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (Russian: КБ Точмаш, romanized: KB Tochmash) is a missile design bureau located in Moscow.

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Possibly a miniature for test purposes of a proposed larger scale round?

For the record, medium caliber APFSDS:
30x165mm 3UBR11 APFSDS-T Russia


Without finding a complete specimen it can be any type from 12.7mm up to 23mm.
The Russians are not sleeping and did and do lots of experimenting.

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I was surprised to found my request for id here :)
So some updates:
Length - 10,6mm
Diameter - 4.6
Fin diameter - appr. 12.7mm (it is toughly goes thru 12.7mm case neck)
Weight - 10.9 grams, it is very light

It was found in mid 1990-s
And I think that it is probably a bullet for 14.5 cartridge

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if the diameter is 4.6mm it could be for an experimental 10.4x54R (or similar) russian cartridge
but the fins seem to be little larger for it
mpopenker could had infos on it

At ~110mm length I doubt it to be for the 10x54R.

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oups i don’t see the length