Small selection of Otterup 6,5 mm target ammo boxes


What most collectors call Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik were by target shooters here in Denmark colloquially called “Otterup” after the town on northern Funen where both the rifle factory and the ammo factory where located. These boxes are from the post-war years, where 6,5x55 dominated target shooting here.
First a box with spitzer loads using the Norma D-type projectile. The side of the box has a text meaning resized cases, i.e. the cases were reloaded, indicated with the well known circle stamp. Box stamped 3. september 1956.

This box directly mentions reloaded cases on the front label, it has a slightly changed design with a different font. Stamped 15. June 1957.

This light green labelled box contained cartridges loaded for a velocity that matches that of Norma(sweden)'s 6,5 mm product at the time. Otterup used Norma(Norway) components. The two Norma’s of course worked together and still Otterup had the danish market to themselves, supplied by their nearest competitors(!). Reloaded cases. Date 19 october 1961.

This box contained the then popular ‘Sølvpatron’ a load in a (new) tin-plated case, in this case with a GM jacketed bullet. Norma’s ‘Silvertorped’ was the prototype for the Sølvpatron. Date stamp 18. december 1975.

This is the standard training load in the new design boxes which came out in the late seventies. The user has noted his scores on the box in ball point. No date stamp.

They must have run out of labels that day. The font points to a mid seventies date for this very plain box.

This small collection in no way gives a complete picture of DA box designs, but I intend to return with more if and when they turn up. Many thanks to the collector who supplied theses boxes for photography. Source for the Otterup info is the Schultz and Larsen book published in 2007. ISBN 87-90975-07-3