Smart phone/ iPhone collection catalogs

We all have our own way of listing and sorting our cartridge collections but I have recently been experimenting with some ways to have a totally portable, easy to use catalog that fits in your pocket ready for use.

The first thing I have tried is simply uploading photos of individual packets in my collection to my phone using the usual iTunes/iPhone method. I already have them all scanned or photographed and stored on my computer as a pictorial catalog. The photos need to be named in a consistent way to make the order they appear on the phone to be logical. There are some little things that can cause problems but the result is ok when it comes to keeping it all organised (once you have sorted out the precise method and tricks of the iphone!). Where this is really great is that all of the pictures of your packets are available whenever you need them.
So you are at a show and find a nice packet on the table but you are not sure if it is a variation of a similar one in the collection. Reach into your pocket and pull out your phone, open up the photo album and flick through the thumbnails in the ‘AMMO’ folder.

Once you find the packet it is a simple touch of the screen and it brings up the full size pic.

Then another touch of the screen zooms in on any detail which might be important. Plus the image can be rotated for a better view simply by turning the phone on its side.

From this I instantly know if the packet I have found on the table is in my collection or whether the condition is better than the one I already have.

This method will potentially become unwieldy with large collections but there may be “Apps” (basically computer programs for your phone) that can be downloaded to assist with sorting photos on the phone.

I have also downloaded an ‘App’ that is a collectors database but haven’t got any of my collection loaded into it yet. It will import a certain file type (that can be created in excel) via WiFi. I have converted my individual cartridge catalog to the right file type and set it out as per instructions but need to get onto a WiFi network somewhere to test it out.
If it works out, it will allow me to check headstamps and other details of individual cartridges in my collection.

Has anybody else experimented or perfected Smartphone/iPhone catalogs yet? I would be interested to hear any results or failures as this is potentially the way catalogs will be heading in the future.
Paper hard copy catalog --> Computer catalog --> portable laptop catalog --> smart phone catalog --> ???

What is the name of the collection app that you found? It sounds like it would be worth playing with.

I currently track my collection in a database on my PC. I dump various reports in pdf format to Dropbox so I then have access on my iPhone (but I still manage to buy duplicate items at almost every cartridge show…).

Remi piro Collection is the one I downloaded. The free version does not allow importing from pc. The pay version was about $5
I had not thought of doing the PDF way. I guess if you have the PDF app you would be able to use a search function too.

You’re a day early for April Fool pranks, it’s a good one but I simply don’t believe that such things could ever exist … an ‘i-phone’, whatever next!

Now, off to the shops in my hover-car.

Happy collecting, Peter

I use Documents to Go to handle my Excel files which is a great program for cartridge lists. For pictures of labels, I use Photo Manager Pro. I can find any of my 700+ label scans in seconds. Photos Manager Pro allows you to sort you pictures by name, unlike the iTunes photo interface. It was about $12 for both application combined.

I also really like the Documents to go synchronization method. You make changes on your base files on computer and click a button and it uploads all new files and changes to existing files with a single button.

I also have all my PDF books, IAA journals, and tons of other reference material at my finger tips.

The iPhone screen is a bit small, but acts as a good backup means. I can always have my collection catalog with me, and not even notice I am carrying it. For shows, I use an iPad, which is a phenomenal piece of equipment.

I’ll be bringing mynipad to SLICS if anyone wants to see it in action.


I downloaded the photo manager pro app today and it is heaps better than the standard photo album. It has allowed me to make folders and sub folders which makes organising and navigating much easier. It was only $3 or so.