Smart Rounds Technology, optical sensor-fused 12ga

Noticed from an article today, a company out of Brighton Colorado is in the developmental phase of creating a 12ga slug that will be made of carbon-fiber, and have electro-optical sensors (a camera), accelerometers, and non-lethal flash bang effects. They are basically making two slug types, one which will detonate inches from the target with a flash-bang, and the other having a similar function but with pepper-spray charge.

The article says they are in a developmental / fundraising mode, meaning they are sniffing out potential contracts, or a grant from DARPA or something. This would have seemed pretty absurd a few years ago given the seeming failure of the Taser XREP at getting any relevant market share, but after recent police incidents being blown up in the media, there is new interest in non-lethal tech. I expect a rushed spate of non-lethal tech to be on display at SHOT show.