SME lang

Hello all! My first post, just wanted to know how often anyone sees sme lang boxes? I have been collecting for 10+ yrs and have only seen one.Thanks to the people who keep this site going! great job!

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Thanks for the great pics and info Mr. Butler,The box I was able to obtain is aux lot 9 1944.had 12 rds of sme lang with zinc and no color anulus ,three smk p 181 brass cases,also had one rd of regular sme with the zinc coating and blue primer anulus also aux 44.[trying to get the pics up].Again Thanks!

Here is a label from a box that was loaded by Polte, Magdeburg (aux) using cases made by Finower Industrie GmbH (cg)

Is your 1944 aux 9 label identical to this one? Many times labels will have the same loading lot number but the components will be different. (notice the two different 1944 aux 2 labels)

Photos courtesy Dutch & Ken Huddle

The box I have is the same as the lower one in the photo. the case lots are lots 30&29, the zinc sme case is lot 29,all aux st- 44.Those are great pics ,Thanks