SME Ordnance

I went 2 months ago to the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exibition in Malaysia (LIMA 2011) and found a company that may interrest somebody.
Here is the link to their website :

I had contacts with the sales division some years ago, when the company was just negotiating the M4 Licence with Colt. The Malaysian Gov’t had just decided to replace the Steyr AUG rifle with the more reliable (IMO) Colt M4 design.

It looks like a company with a good backing at both FInancial and Technical level (RORG/BAE Oerlikon Buhrle/ etc.).

A Headstamp to look out for.

AV Ballistics.

I went again to the LIMA 2013 and managed to take some photos and H/S.
Most H/S should be “SME caliber month and year”.




On 9 mm Para, the “SME” headstamp has been known for some time. I don’t think, though, that they ever showed up in much quantity - just a specimen here and there.

Philippe, great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Is there any info on that ACN hs? Is it on a 20x128 case?

Alex, this ACN headstamp is found on a 25x137 case made by Amron of Antigo, Wisconsin.

Fede, thanks again! Most US 25mm I had seen before had no hs (like all medium calibers for several decades). Seems that they started to use hs again in recent times (as far as the hs tells us).