Smith & Wesson


I have some 30-30 Winchester rounds Headstamped S & W 30-30 WIN
these are the only rounds S & W headstamped out of many many thousands of rounds that I have handled or shot, in Australia since I began shooting when I was 12 years old in 1960. I have seen many with S&W in the headstamp but by another manufacturer.
My question is were Smith & Wesson manufactured cartridges ever exported to Australia.
These rounds were obtained from a US serviceman some years ago, and not purchased commercially or obtained in Australia.
P.S Plenty of S&W-F here, just the S&W I am puzzled about!


Terry–S&W-Fiocchi were started in 1969 using the S&W-F headstamp. Bangor-Punta, the owners of Smith & Wesson guns bought out the Fiocchi interest in 1972. The headstamp was changed to just S&W after that. They produced an entire line of rifle calibers, including .30-30 Win.
I have no idea if they exported to Australia or not…


Thanks Ron, Allways wondered about the S&W headstamp,you have solved that part of the puzzle for me.