Smiths Carbine Cartridges Info

Hello, I have a full box (10) of Poultney & Trimble Metalic paper covered Cartidges in great condition. They are for the 50 Cal Smiths Breechloading Carbine. Ive been told they are worth about $250 each. Does that sound reasonable. There is also a rubber coated cartridge that is very rare. Thanks, Wem

The full box might be worth $300 to $350 if in very good condition.

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Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think whoever told you $250.00 each was really tlking about the value of the entire box of 10. According to the “Collectors Cartridge Prices” listing in the Nov./Dec. 2005 Gun Report magazine (the latest value listing I have), the Poultney & Trimble Metalic paper covered .50 Smith Carbine cartridge is worth about $35.00 each. The .50 Smith Rubber is about $150.00. These values may be a little low in 2008, but probably not all that much. Unfortunately, the cartridges you have are among the most often seen of the percussion loadings from the Civil War.

Thank you guys for the information, Warmans 1993 Civil War book has a single cartridge for $105.00 and thats probably a strech…