SMQ in saa lot number


Somebody told me what SMQ stands for but now I can’t remember what they said and I can’t remember who they was. I didn’t write it down and I can’t find it in my list of manufacturers.

So, help!!!



SMB/СМБ maybe???


An image may help us and also the caliber it is on.


Sorry guys. I guess I wasn’t clear. It’s not a cartridge. It’s part of US military lot numbers of the 21st Century. As in:

SMQ03K271-003 for a box of the M118 LR 7.62mm cartridges.

SMQ = manufacturer code
03 = 2003
K = October
271 = Interfix number
003 = Sequence number



SMQ lot numbers on LC ammunition have had us scratching our heads for years now. SMQ is a U.S. Govt/Military abbreviation for Statement of Minimum Qualification. You will find SMQ lots of M80/XM80, M118LR/XM118LR, M193/XM193A, M855/XM855, M856/XM856, etc. The ammunition is always LC headstamp ammunition dated since Federal/ATK took over production at LCAAP. The last lots of M80 7.62 NATO Ball sold by CMP in 2003-2004 had SMQ lot numbers and at least some of the lots showed definite signs of being linked ammunition at one time. So the SMQ lot number may possibly have something to do with delinking/repackaging/?. I checked with one of the military M14 shooters who confirmed that both LC & SMQ lot M118 LR ammunition have been issued to him for combat use. So SMQ lot ammunition does not appear to be a “FOR PRACTICE ONLY” grade of ammunition.
Credible information as to the meaning of SMQ lot numbers on LC ammunition has been very slow in coming.


308 WIN Cartridge Case, Winchester Headstamp With Dots

Thanks Carey. “Statement of Minimum Qualification” does ring a bell. Maybe it was you that told me that?

All that I have seen is LC headstamped with 2001 or later dates. (That’s when ATK took over from Olin).