Snail Type loads in 9mmP

I mentioned in another thread that there are agencies making versions of the Libra Snail loads.

I understand these rounds in the picture from a friend in the Czech Republic are the S&B version of the Snail.

I have seen the round on the right without the flutes. I’m told it is a developmental round from about 2 years ago. The round at the left is, I’m told, the current version that is being supplied to an agency in France. the version in the center is one I have never seen except in this photo. I suspect it is also a developmental bullet.

Cheers, Lew

Lew - the one on the right is found in cases “S& B 9x19 04” with brass primer and no visible primer or neck seal. I have never seen the other two.

Those are awesome Lew! I have never seen projectiles like that. Too cool! Does the thinner ring and the base of the projectile that kinda looks like a waist have a name? Those would be interesting sectioned.

Question, I am fascinated by these unique looking bullets. Were they designed with a specific purpose or function?


So, do these contain the pointed, steel penetrator core like the original Snail projos, or some other sub-caliber projectile?
It almost looks like there is a 7.62x25mm FMJ projectile in them.