Snakeye bomb fins for Mark 82 500 pound bomb- 12 needed

Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Denver is looking for 12 sets of Snakeye bomb fins for the Mark 82 500 pound bombs to finish loading their Vietnam era F-4 Phantom. They bought 12 replica Mark 82 bombs, and thought they had a source for fins, but that fizzled out. Can anyone help with a source for some Snakeye fins? They are made in different sizes for the 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 2000 pound bombs, and they need the 500 pound size. Apparently both the Navy and Air Force had their own versions, but the Museum will take either.

Snakeye fins have four fan type blades that open out so they form a sort of “X” shape at the rear of the bomb and the drag slows the descent of the bomb enough that the aircraft is clear of the blast fragmentation area by the time it reaches the ground.

If not Snakeye fins, how about some “slick” low drag fins for Mark 82 500 pounders?

Let’s see if we can help this museum out so they can display some big ammunition items in an appropriate manner!

My ½ suggestion is to check with a bombing ranges (practice that is) as that is where I sought my “parachute” tail fins for the sectioned Mk82 I brought to SLICS 13.

A ballute (“balloon” and “parachute”) was invented by Goodyear in 1958. It is a parachute braking device that is optimized for use at high altitudes and high supersonic velocities. I might have sought the snake eye tail fins…but they were way too big to transport to SLICS. (not sure I could get them folded in)…but then too they would display better “open”. (PS…with the drag tail I sought/secured…one could cut the chute out and simply reattach the tail “canister” as the chute is “impossible” to repack as new…close the end cap…no one knows the difference).

I would think someone would need to approach the range officer in charge with such a question…as in my case the bomb fins were retrievable because the dummy was nose down in the dirt/sand and came off with a ratchet to remove the set screws !

I looked at…didn’t see anything listed…but maybe call them