Snap Cap Pistol Training Rounds With Shell Shock Technology Casings

"Westport, Conn. ( – Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., an early stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, announces that FORG3D Solutions has introduced its Freedom Training Rounds featuring Shell Shock Technologies’ revolutionary NAS3 casings."

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NEAT ! just ordered a 10 pack of the red, white & blue ones.

Hmm, $40 plus shipping for 10 of them? If you do the math, 10 SST 9mm cases are worth $0.12 cents each, and the polymer bullets are certainly less than $1 each? I’m sure they are pricing things relative to the snap cap market which is dominated by Azoom and Tipton, but those have integrated spring-loaded brass primers, while these SST-cased ones are likely empty primer pocket, or resin / rubber filled, which dimples after not too many shots.

Come on, Lew! Get us some of these at the German show, coming May!

I ordered a 10 pack!Will bring some to Germany!


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Thanks Brian.

Here is a picture of the headstamp (looks like generic “S3”):

Will the company sell one of each color…or do I need to buy the 3 different color packs and bring to SLICS to peddle as sets of three

I hope it’s not the same-colored one’s that I bought so we can trade !

How many colors are there ?

Got mine yesterday, so have some extra red white & blue ones to trade.

Interestingly enough they have a magnet is the base of the bullet. Apparently this is a for use in some “magazine managers” using the double stack magazine. The primer pocket seems to have a hard plastic filler and the bullets show turn and (or perhaps just) mold marks. Headstamp is as noted above.
FORG3D%20Solutions%20rnds FORG3D%20Solutions%20packaging

Don’t the bullets look like they were 3d printed?


from their site

Get these rounds in your color of choice! High Visibility colors for easy recovery at your range. Quick and safe recovery with a magnetic pick-up tool makes it safer and easier for you to see and recover your Freedom Training Rounds.

“recover”…as in after you action you pistol ? (I’m not a pistol guy)

Other than simple action-testing which is normally done during cleaning or at home, some shooters like to have a dummy like these loaded into a magazine of otherwise live ammo so that when a stoppage occurs they can practice real-time clearing of the jam and then proceed with shooting. Some will even have another person put it somewhere in the mag so that they don’t know when the dummy is coming. Great way to check up on whether you are subconsciously anticipation-flinching with the grip as well.

Those bullets look 3D printed!

Hi Dan, Chickenthief
I’ve no idea for sure what 3-D printed should look like, but judging from the very slight “tail” at the nose (and along the side) it seems to be injection molded, from what little I know. But I could very well be wrong, for the first time in the last 5 minutes.

Hi Pepper
The body of these cases is stainless steel, so easy pickup from the ground has nothing to do with the magnet in the ‘bullet’. In my checking cases like this with a magnet, a magnet should easily pick up fired cases.

As a GUESS on my part the “magazine managers” used in a double stack magazine must somehow limit or control the feed from the magazine. Perhaps as Matt notes for gun clearing exercise, or some other facet of training I’m not aware of.

Perhaps used in a storage situation with one of these in the chamber??? Just a guess, not sure why someone would want to do that, unless for long term storage.

Be interesting to know more about “magazine managers”

Pete: you will have tri-color at SLICS to peddle. Matt: will you have any of the other colors? Wondering if I should buy either of the other two to bring and trade ? (? if Lew has ordered any)

'not an urgent need :)

Show here in AZ next week, so we’ll see, as it’s “not an urgent need” ?

but I’m setting two aside to trade for a red and a yellow.

Let’s hope someone has all three for sale or trade at Phoenix. My son and I will be there.

John M.