So far unknow Wildcat? 6.5x45EC

I have this cartridge since quite a time
The base is a .30-06 case shortened to 45mm. The diameter of the bullet is 6.68mm, length 23.67mm - the neck diameter is 7.55mm. Bullet weight 100gr. It is a target hollow point.
The story behind is that around mid of the 90ties a friend of mine who worked at the Ulm proofhouse, Germany at this time created this wildcat for his 50th birthday. He used this caliber mostly for 300 meter CISM shooting very successfully - several time German champion in 300 meter target practice.
He named this cartidge as described above.

I have access to a contracer. So that makes it easier to show the meassurement
Note: All meassurement not displayed are according to standard .30-06 cases

I will send the data later to ECRA for integrating this caliber into ECDV



Its an excellent idea to make the data available for including it into the ECRA Caliber Data Viewer.
Are you sure the bullet diameter is 6.5 mm?
Typically it would be 6.7 mm for a 6.5 mm cartridge. The exceptions are 6.6 mm (Arisaka) and 6.8 mm (Carcano).

you are correct.
The exact diameter is 6,68mm. Lenght is 23,67mm.
Edited above.
Thanks for mentioning.

Just received the information from Lean Renard: Datas are integrated in ECDV.
XCR-Code will be: 07 045 BGC 70W