So I bought a Taurus Judge with 3" chamber and 3" nose

I have a problem with there rounds not releasing and getting locked up in my chamber. Revolver will not shoot after each round due to rhis

Welcome to the forum, this isn’t really a shooting forum, although there are plenty of members here who do!

Where is the shell catching, at the front or back of the cylinder? What brand of ammunition are you using?

Man this website is complicated… I didnt think I even posted but it looks like it went through. Im shooting .410 Baschieri & Pellagri Competition One bird shot rounds. Seems right to fit like the bore is off by just a smidgen but I dont have to force them in. The round is misfiring at the base where the brass meets the firing pin. On the bottom of the round there is a crescent shaped pattern and the brass is actually torn away from the plastic casing. I wish I knew how to post a picture, but this has happened on almost half of the 25 rounds with me having to take the shells out forcefully with a flat head screwdriver. No damage has happened to the firearm thankfully but what the hell!!!

I have a S&W Governor and I have fired several different 2.5" .410 shells from it. Some of them were sticky and took more effort to extract than others, but nothing as bad as what you are reporting. I would just try a couple other brands of 3.00" .410 loads to see if it is only the B&P stuff giving you the trouble (hopefully you don’t have a full case of it). Also try a few 2.5" loads to be sure. If nothing else does it, then that is your answer, and I am sure that B&P would blame the revolver as being a weapon platform that “the ammo is not tested against or intended for”. The Governor and Judges are, however, supposed to more or less digest anything in .410 as far as they have promoted, but this issue doesn’t surprise me since these revolvers are sort of outside-the-box of normalcy.

Does it happen only with 3" shells, or also with the 2.5" shells?

A few years ago we had complaints of Taurus Judge revolvers having problems like those you mention, and I seem to remember it was only the 3" Magnum chamber models.
You may want to contact Taurus, they have a pretty good warranty/repair policy.

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