So long everybody


I have tolerated the imbicillic moderating well past my usual breaking point. Having been issued a [color=#FF0000]FORMAL WARNING[/color], no less, it’s time to bid adieu.
It was great “meeting” the majority of you all and I will surely miss some of the content.

See ya over on BOCN.



Well somebody should say something!

I’m surprised you held it in as long as you did. We’ve both been chastised, reprimanded, admonished, lectured, and sanctioned. But now you’ve been [color=#FF0000]WARNED[/color].

Well Ollie, I’m right behind you.



Not really. Every forum member who doesn’t respond to, or even read this topic is essentially making a statement. The moderators aren’t imbeciles as far as 99% of the forum users are concerned since basically nobody gets warned on anything or complains about any problem, and most people just talk straight ammo. I don’t have any personal problem with anybody who complains (free country), but c’mon… name calling and stomping out of the room?

Sullying the forum with brash posts about seemingly widespread discontent which is in fact non-existent… I feel embarrassed that the many new members of recent months (over 100 in the past 3 months) have to watch it unfold.


Part of my problem with a few is their not getting the jokes. To infer I was name-calling: case in point. Check the dictionary and put it in context. The moderating was imbicillic. DK, you’re not aware of the behind the scenes shenanigans, so your passing judgement without information is well, see above.


SlickRick I have no idea who you are. I have never met you, I have never spoken to you.
I have never emailed you or PM’d you.
However I have learned a lot from your input in my time on the forum (as I have learned from many others). I for one would prefer you to stay


Well I think its a shame. I have said before I think some people take the whole subject way too seriously. It is after all only boys and their toys when all is said and done.
I will miss Rick he was a good chap as we say over here.



If you only knew what has been going on behind the scenes you would not be so cavalier with your statements. It is bad, and getting worse each day. I’m not quitting for no reason. Maybe some day we can tell you “the rest of the story”.



Guys, at the end of the day…it’s a hobby…albeit a federally and internationally scrutinized one. Some of us seem to have trouble keeping it all in perspective.


I have no idea what’s been going on but I for one will greatly miss Rick & Ray’s input into this forum.


You will be missed, but a guy has to do what a guy has to do. We will persevere.


I’ll miss you guys too. Hold the door open please.


As the “imbicillic” moderator who created this issue, I think I should close this thread. I sent the PMs to both SlickRick and RayMeteka telling them that I had deleted or edited their posts (again!) because they did not follow the rules clearly laid out in These two PMs were the last of a series of PMs sent by myself and other moderators asking that they stay within the rules of the forum. We have been called a lot of things for trying to keep the forum on topic and within the rules, and “imbicillic” is one of the nicer ones.

I think we all have appreciated Ray’s trememdously knowledge and insight and SlickRick has brought real value to the Forum. I am disappointed that they have decided to leave the Forum. I wish they could live within the rules that the rest of us try to live within and that they would continue to participate.

I saw this thread originally at about 0630 this morning and decided to let it run for a while and give people a chance to comment. I think it is time to lock it and go on with the business of the Forum. If anyone has a burning need to add a comment, let me know with a PM.

If anyone truly wants to know “what has been going on behind the scenes” or “the behind the scenes shenanigans”, send me a PM or an email. There is nothing secret about what has happened.

I accepted the task of moderator with great reluctance. I can’t say it has been a lot of fun, but it is important to the Forum. If no one moderated the Forum, I believe the IAA would have to shut it down. That is why I agreed to moderate. If some of you would be willing to help with the moderator task, please let me know.



As one of the other volunteer moderators, I can vouch for the accuracy of Lew’s comments, and regretfully confirm that a very few people repeatedly chose to ignore previous counsel from multiple moderators that their posts were not in line with the long established rules, and that the offending posts were being modified or deleted, and politely requesting their future cooperation. Like Lew, I have received “hate mail” from some who objected to their being asked to comply with the rules.

Like others, I will miss the valuable insights on ammunition from anyone who chooses to no longer participate. That is their choice and I wish them well.

None of the moderators enjoy chastising others, but in order for the IAA to continue to have the necessary professional image (see post by Mel on related subject) to facilitate the international aspect of our hobby, we need to enforce our rules.

Meanwhile, many thanks to the many hundreds of posters who never needed any guidance from moderators, and also to a handful of people with minor problems who cooperated when brought to their attention.