Sociedad Anonima Spreafico PinFire

Hi all

someone have a picture of an Argentinian pinfire box for these 9mm units:

I know these units were made for Carlos Rasetti but I have never see a box.

Any help will be appreciated

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Daniel - I don’t have a picture of any cartridge box for you, but below are pictures of both sides of a Carlos Rasetti water-drinking cup, probably given out as a promotional item, or sold in bulk to hunters, campers, etc. These have never been opened out. I keep both so I can show both sides where I display them.

Note the proper spelling of “Rasetti,” an Italian name like so many in Argentina. There is some good company information printed on these.

John Moss


Thanks John for sharing this, very nice item.

I have just corrected the typo in the name Rasetti.

Hope someone have information for the box

Saludos desde Uruguay,