Software for Newbie Collector

I have been only collecting for a couple of months but getting overwhelmed on keeping track of cartridges and cartridge boxes. I found a couple of old discussions which the newest one four years ago. I can not access the recommended software on that page.

IS there any new software, database programs that will help manage all the information involved in collecting cartridges.

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If you can run Microsoft Access - yes.

Mostly I’ve seen Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and a few Microsoft Access databases. I’m in the process of trying to put together some digital/printable cards and catalogues.

Sorry - I had to run and posted before finding the link I was looking for:

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A couple of older discussions:

Hello, I started watching tutorials on access. Your database gave me some ideas. I wish there was an easier way or less expensive

There are several ‘gun cataloging’ software which could be adapted.

For my home collection i use Excel for guns, nothing for ammo - I hate Access, I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t jive with my mind… AND, I have worked in IT Security for the last 25 yrs

If you search out retail software packages online, you will drown in an ocean of what are mostly overpriced database programs that are tailored for guns, antiques, or cars, etc… If you search on Ebay however you will come across some generic collector database software which allows you to user-define the various fields. This is very handy for tailoring the fields to cartridge-specific metrics such as: bullet type, grain weight, case type, brand, overall length, overall weight, date of manufacture, origin, box quantity, etc…

This one called “Tracker Ten for arms” has user-definable fields and is a good basic setup for $39. They have a free trial download to try out it looks like:

Interesting… Tracker Ten for Dolls is only $19.95. Looks the same in their grab shots, both have “30 customizable features”, and “Multiple Image Support (up to 100 pictures for each record”.
For half the price, it looks like it will do the same thing. Might be worth a try to download both and see what the difference really is.

I noticed that as well, where they have one for rock & mineral collecting which was more - something like $49.95, but I am not 100% sure that all of the various fields are user-definable, and if I were the programmer for this software line I would make it so that something around 5 to 10 of them were fixed, so as to tailor pricing to the various disciplines. If that is the case, then the software would still work for the most part, but you would have a small number of data fields that were irrelevant to cartridges.

If all of the fields are re-definable though, then yes, definitely go with the doll one and just relabel the data fields.

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Another interesting- It will not downlload either free software version ofr me, anyone else?
The Gun software does not have an active link, the Doll software button ‘blinks’ but nothing happens…
Oh, well.

Haven’t worked with databases recently but did in School a bit during computer science course.

Keeping track should not be that a difficult task to do. If you won’t spend money on that, give libre office a look. It is free, open source and you should get plenty of tutorials on it. You can get it for Windows, Mac and Linux. Libre Office Base is pretty much comparable to Microsoft Access.
Once you made up your mind how to design your database, in other words what kind of Information to put into, it should be piece of cake. Give it a shot!


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I contacted the seller and here is the link to the doll database on ebay
The direct download link is:


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Would anyone be interested in printed material for cataloging collections? Cards, sheets, booklets, etc?

I’ve offered to make my database freely available to IAA members. I have emailed Aaron about how best to do this but I haven’t hear back. Admittedly, this was some time ago.

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That is generous of you Mayhem. :)


What format might that be? CD/DVD, or direct download? How big is the program? How many user costonizable feilds?
I am sure there are more valid questions, but it is WAY past any reasonable bedtime…

Shoot me a PM with your email in it and I’ll send you a link to my dropbox, where you can download it. The zip file is 24,889 KB

As I built it for myself, there are no real customisable fields but there are different ways you can set some of them up. For example, I use rifle, pistol, large bore, artillery etc as categories. You may choose, military inch, military metric, sporting inch etc.

I am willing to do some minor customisation, for example, date format from dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy for those of you in the US. Or rename/remove the some fields, such as the source field if you don’t wish to keep track of who/where you got the item from (a legal requirement for me). The power of the database is the search engine, which I use a lot.

I’m hoping someone with better skills in MS Access (yes, you need to have Access to run the database) will add features (in particular reports), and then share them with me (other users).

I’ve added the user manual that I wrote below:

Ammunition Log - User Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)


With regard to the Datavillage brand Doll database software mentioned above (because it was the lowest price of all the identical database programs of that type) the 26 different info fields are all able to be redefined by the user, and you can also customize and redo all of the quick-menu items for each one, or just use a custom label for each field anyway. It is $19.95 and seems to have the same flexibility and function as all of the other forms of that same database software as found at the TrackerTen website, or on Ebay where they are priced lower in some cases, such as the doll software one which is $19.95on Ebay, but is $29.95 on the home website - TrackerTen.

I have used Microsoft Excel for cataloging my cartridge collection for nearly 20 years primarily because I used it in my job and found it to be easy to learn. I have in excess of 12,700 individual cartridges (each assigned a line, with 40 fields of information that I have defined and the ability to add as many more fiels as I could possibly ever want. I couldn’t imagine any easier, more satisfactory software to use for cataloging a collection. I don’t include photos of my cartridges in the spreadsheet, but I believe photos can be linked in.
I looked at Access once and decided it was far too complicated for my simple mind.

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