Solbre 12 ga shotshell

Can anybody shed some light on this one?
Belgium made, but I think for export to???
Who or what is solbre?


Regards rené

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Hi Rene,

At a quick look “Solbre” is not an English word and is not in an English dictionary, nor does it show a return as a place name. It is certainly not a trade name that I recognise. Yet that OSC is used by the Midland Gun Co. on quite a few of their loadings although the vast majority carry a “Hand Loaded” card and I can’t find that exact style of OSC on any other British cartridge.
Midland Gun Co. did use Belgium cartridges for a short time but I have not seen a FN one before.

That’s the best I can come up with mate.

Typical Midland Chilled Shot OSC.