**SOLD*** Seattle area - Large collection for sale

I have decided to part with an extensive large collection of loose rounds consisting of both U.S. and Metric rounds. I have narrowed down what I want to collect and the rest goes.

Some military, but more commercial. Some special purpose.

I am guessing there are several thousand rounds all carefully stored and in good shape.

I don NOT have a list, sorry.

Prefer to sell all to one buyer, or at least large lots, no cherry pickers, sorry.

Serious buyers please contact Tom Graham by email or phone.

425-785-0093 tomgraham01@msn.com

I live just North/East of Seattle.

No local interest???
This is a very extensive collection.


You should check into going to the Castle Rock Cartridge Show this weekend. People from states around, many of whom do not read this forum, will be there.

Maybe one would buy it all from you.

I know Tom Quigley very well, and I am aware of his show.
Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year.

Just a note, I might possibly consider a trade or part trade for firearms that interest me. Including US Military, S&W revolvers and Winchester lever guns.

Best to call or email me rather than PM
Tom Graham

Still looking for a buyer.
There is some good stuff in this collection.

Was hoping to find a local collector to come by and get a huge jumpstart on his/her collection…is there no one in the WA/ID/OR areas??

Tom - If you find no local interest, then you might try listing the cartridges in various lots on Gunbroker.com. If not familiar with the site, then anyone who uses computers, or who has experience with Ebay might be able to help you with that locally in terms of photos & descriptions. I have found that on occasion, the national market which views Gunbroker listings will sometimes pay far more than what a local market will pay, or far more than what something is reasonably worth, even after shipping cost considerations.