SoldUSA are they still in business?

I have not been able to access their website for awhile, like, maybe, site under construction? Anyone know?

If the site URL is, then here is a tidbit from the site:
“This Page Is Under Construction - Coming Soon!”


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Thanks, it was enough different I wasn’t sure. I’ll be patient :slight_smile:

No I believed they closed down

savage, I ran across this post by accident, thought I would update you with some info… there is no web site listed, and he may or may not still be doing auctions.
I did not call or email to verify anything.
Aaron may have hit the nail on the head.

Ronald Christopher Roberts
P. O. Box 3012
Matthews, NC 28106
Phone: (704) 815-1500

Yep, I talked to him a couple of months ago - seems he sold the business to his partner. shortly after it went under, so that auction is no more.

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I believe Dave, the owner, had some medical issues.