If this is not allow please forgive me and delete the topic.
Has anyone else here had issues with getting the stuff you have won in their auctions or getting paid for items they sold for you?

Yes, and they hang on to stuff for years and never put it up for auction, even though you describe it for them every six months and ask that it be put up !!

Auction ended 4/13, my CC got charged on 4/19 and I got my stuff 5/2. Felt slow.

How so?

Well I just got the items I won in the Feb. 2018 auction on May 2nd. They still owe me money from the December 2017 auction and even more money from the Feb. 2018 auction.

I have done business with SoldUSA for many years. I have talked with them on the phone many times, and contact via email even more. I have always been very happy with them. This issue was not a heat of the moment response. I have considered posting my question above for weeks before having done so. I just wanted to know if others were having the same problems thats all.


Zac Weighman

I bought a Civil War (CSA) Whitworth sniper rifle cartridge from them. At the time, it was the most that I had ever spent on a single cartridge, When it arrived, I was disgusted to discover that a previous owner of the cartridge had written “WHITWORTH” on the side of the cartridge that was not shown in the single photo. To be fair,in the past I have bought some nice items from them , BUT, I would advise anyone contemplating bidding on an expensive lot to ask “twenty questions” first.

That’s a really egregious listing error on their part with an expensive Whitworth cartridge considering it’s a paper tube, and not a brass case that you can just oil the ink off with.

All in all Sold USA has been good to me. They are a small Family business and it takes time to do all that work and ship orders out. I have had very few issues and I have never had a problem with returns.
They are slow paying sellers due to the fact they have to make sure they are not going to have returns.

We really should not allow this type of discussion on this forum, as anyone can say bad things about any one, I feel this forum should be limited to information on cartridges only. Nothing against anyone, but I feel that is why this forum is above all others, and why I took off the about comment.
Some times in the heat of the moment we all get excited, and then we calm down.
I feel Sold USA is a good outfit, you may have to call them and bug them, but they are good people.

I would agree that they are usually fine, but selling an expensive Whitworth with writing on the tube and no mention or photo of it is like selling a car with a photo of one side looking fine, and upon delivery, the other unseen side has a crushed-in door.

Other than being somewhat slow to ship, I thought soldusa was fine.

Brandusedworks ran their first ever cartridge auction with the hoffman collection. They had some teething problems, and some people underestimated what it would cost to ship large quantities of stuff. I got all of my stuff from them in a timely fashion, and had great discussions with them about the whole process (the catalog/hiddenprices/pricelist thing really frustrated me).

I’ve never tried to sell anything through either, so YMMV.

Brand Used Auction didn’t write about a slip neck on a cartridge that cost me $146.00, There was a picture of it but hidden, and not the main picture.and not mentioned in title or or body of the description, they would not take it back, I was out $146.00, and after I spend $1920.00 on that whole auction, but not again. Screw once shame on them. I can’t say much good about Wards, I no long shop there. Not an auction fan, high prices drive me away.
Sold USA will take back items if any issue that is there fault.
I have a simple return policy on my stuff, not happy let me know , I will credit you and you can keep it or I’ll replace it at no cost to you on the next order…
I still feel this still is not the place for this stuff, it hurts the forum , more then helps it. Because we all remember the bad and forget the good in people if we allow this.

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David and Joyce at Sold USA have been good to me over the past years.
Sometimes a bit slow to ship, list or pay but nothing that a phone call would not solve.
As for the Brand Used Works Auction of Hoffman Estate, the Estate is not going to take anything back.
Buyer beware - life is not fair.
Bob Ruebel

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