Solid brass .50bmg - Lehigh

I noticed lately on Lehigh’s Facebook feed that they were teasing a .50BMG with what looked like a solid brass projectile. It had a black tip, and the caption simply read “for L.E. only, but still pretty cool”. They of course didn’t give any data on it, and I assume it is just their solid brass monolithic projectile which Lehigh Bullets has made for a long time, but it got me wondering if anybody (Pepper) has one or knows if it is anything super-special like a steel core in it or anything?

There are several other manufacturers who load solid brass bullets into .50BMG and offer them to retail distribution for anyone to buy in the range of $55 to $65 for 10rds usually. Lehigh didn’t respond to my question about why the L.E.O. nature of it, and what was their price, etc… other loads are usually using Barnes 750gr monolithic projectile, or else the Bullex-N projo from Lapua, or the Lehigh one, which they sell readily as components only. SBR, Double Tap, PMC, Thunder ammo and others all load some sort of solid brass match .50bmg. Thunder ammo actually does an extra long 802gr load for single-shot rifles only.

Below is the Lehigh pic from their Facebook post:

lehigh 50bmg

And here is PMC’s:


Double Tap’s:

double tap brass 50

And Thunder’s extra-long 802gr:

thunder 802

If it’s just a solid brass monolithic from Lehigh, then I wonder why the L.E.O. squeamishness from them since so many others are selling straight-to-retail with it?

Lehigh’s’ black tip 50bmg has in fact an exposed steel core, they don’t like to talk about it much because its strictly LEO and military. They just got a couple of my sections so I will work on getting that answer.

Meanwhile here is a line up Lehigh’s 50bmgs that’s being sold. All solid turned brass with the last one being the " Controlled Fracturing" projectile that has a exposed copper core. Second to last is hollow point.

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I think you’ll find the exposed copper core is actually a .30 (or .22) caliber bullet seated in the hollow point brass bullet. At least that was the way he was describing them. A bullet within a bullet.

Interesting. Outside of maybe the dozen or so large urban-area SWAT teams in the U.S. who field a .50BMG rifle of some sort (the ones who actually ever use them even once a year), I can’t imagine who the customer would be, especially since there is so much AP, API, and APIT available at such lower prices which will shoot accurately enough to take out an engine block, which is the theoretical need for such a caliber 99% of the time in L.E.

Hi Kevin,

did you made from the bullet on the right sight a section?
Can you show a pic?



There are some LEO agencies with big budgets and they would want the “latest and greatest” toys, probably as much for bragging rights as any realistic need.

There is also the lawyer angle where a city can expect to be sued any time a cop shoots anything. They are in a better defensive position if they can show that they bought “x” ammunition specifically made for LEO use in specific applications, as opposed to “surplus military stuff” which a slimy lawyer would twist into showing cops are just “eager to kill people using weapons of war” which is mean and evil and they should be made to pay for mistreating poor criminals like that.

Most likely goverment agencies. They can afford it, with our tax dollars, or if Federal , they just print the funds, for our grandchildren to pay it back. :-)

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