Some 1/2 Scale pistol Cartridges


These are all 1/2 scale pistol cartridges made by Swiss master miniature arms maker, Léon Crottet.
The Cartridges are all live and will fully function in his guns. He makes the cartridges with dies the same way full-size cartridges are made. They are not just lathe-turned.
None of these are still being made and most have not been made for 30, 40 years.

Pictures are of the cartridges in my collection in two views, plus a picture of an extra bullet for the ones I have one of.
The pictures of the guns are the actual 1/2 scale guns these cartridges were made for. They are pulled off Crottet’s website, A cased version of some of these guns go for upwards of $35,000!

7.65 Para Luger Carbine:

7.65 Para Swiss:

9mm Mauser Exp:

9mm Para:

10.4 Ord Swiss Rev 1872:

10.4 Ord Swiss Rev 1878:


A better picture of them all:


These are real, real beauty!
Thanx for sharing!