Some 30-06 help please

I’ve just been given some 30-06 and I cannot figure out the headstamp on two of them:


In addition, the second round has a short hollow point projectile, which I initially thought to be that described as a school cartridge in this post: Norma School cartridges 3006. However, they are longer than those shown and it also states that they were an empty envelope, with no lead. The one I have certainly has a lead filled envelope and it actually looks like the hole has been drilled:


Is this a commercial round or someone’s science experiment? This one came from a bag of several rounds, some of which had the headstamp shown above, whilst others were in Kynoch and FN cases.
Here are both rounds side by side, showing the length of the HP projectile:

Those are 5mm x 5mm squares.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Both headstamps appear French. The hollow point projectile looks like a bubba-style hunting projectile, almost like a drilled out .30 carbine projo?

both french military case

  1. societe francaise de munitions = factory
    I = societe de metallurgie franco-belge = case supplier
    made in Jan 1954

normal ball cartridge

  1. societe meridionale d’industrie
    F = trefileries et laminoirs = case supplier
    feb 1953

cartridge is a reload

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Thanks - I thought that may have been Bubba’s handywork!