Some 9x19 sections

Hi guys,

following a picture of my latest done sections. From left to right.

  • S&B Nontox Zn core, 91 grs/5,9 g, hs S&B (12), 17 (3), NONTOX (6), 9x19 (9), Ni-plated primer with a yellow/brown lacquer
  • SST bimetal case with flat nose projectile, on the nose there is a devil head pressed in the jacket, maybe Lew knows it he gave me the cartridge at Aerzen 2018
  • Brigant with mild steel core and a lead jacket around it, hs * (12), 6 (3), 50 (6), ∆ (9)
  • Geco Action Extreme, 108 grs/7,0 g pressed tombak solid hollow point, hs GECO (12), dot (9), 9mm LUGER (6), bullet and case ruthenium coated

Best regards and merry christmas