Some acquistions at Landhorst

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve had uploading problems…

Anyway, the pics below show the larger items I picked up at last month’s ECRA International meeting. Anyone who gets them all correct deserves a medal!

I can’t get a single one, do I get anything? What is #9? Cool shape.

I’ve got a #11 in hand. 30 X 173. PGU-14B/B. A DU round. For the GAU8.
Projo markings: AJD89F130-015

Will use my usual “not a clue” answer on the rest of the selection.


You are of course right, Rick.

That’s one down, eleven to go…I won’t be revealing the rest until other people have had a chance to identify them.

I guess it’s a good thing BOCN isn’t linked here :-)

Numero uno, isn’t that a Steyr Flechette cartridge?

Some beautiful rounds here.

  1. 15 x 169 Steyr
  2. 16 mm Vega
  3. 20 x 70RR Oerlikon or 20x71RR Becker?
  4. 20 x 122 French Xpl
  5. ?? 20mm German WWII Xpl
  6. 20 x 144R Bofors
  7. 25 x 205R Bofors
  8. 26mm Colt CRG
  9. 27 x 70 USN Xpl
  10. 25 x 173 neckdown of a 30mm?
  11. Like Rick said…
  12. 47mm Hotchkiss - Japanese?


I’ll give you eight correct, Paul - well done!

#1 is technically 15.2mm

#3 is actually a Japanese Type 99-1, but as you can’t tell that from an Oerlikon except by the headstamp, I’ll give you that!

#5 is not German, despite the stamp on the projectile (which does belong to the case).

#10 has been in service for years, with the gun and ammo still in production and offered for sale by a major manufacturer

#12 is not 47mm calibre


#5 : I think of a french xpl cartridge, perhaps à 20x126 FINABEL


Correct - it was a later round in the same 5CG series as the 20x122, in a 1950s attempt to develop a new AA gun. These cases were loaded with German projectiles for test firing.

That leaves #10 and 12 to be identified.

#12 : 53mm for WW1 Gruson gun ?


#10 is a 27mm barrel insert (subcalibre device) training cartridge with TP-T projectile. The standard 30x173 Mauser MK-30 cartridge (steel cartridge case) was necked down to 27mm.
This round is used for target practice shooting with the 120mm tank gun (Leopard 2, etc.).

VERY nice acquisitions, well done!


Well done, gentlemen, that wraps it up!

For item #10, what is the reason for using a 27mm projectile? It seems like it would be more efficient to use standard 30x173 TP ammunition. I’m sure there’s a good/interesting reason, but my caffeine-starved brain can’t come up with anything plausible!

twoaz, one might think that they had to match the very flat trajectory of the APFSDS-T projectile. Ballistics are a wide wield.

Yes, they wanted to achieve a higher velocity than the 30mm would provide, in order to provide a better match for the tank gun’s ballistics.