Some African paper shotshells

Hi All,
Here is a small collection of African paper shotshells, or shells made for African countries.
From left to right:
Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Mocambique
Marroco, Kenia, Egypt, Sudan and Congo

Are there other known??
Would like to see pictures of them when possible.

many regards rené

Anybody around who’s familiar with shotshells used in South Africa?

when interested I can send some pictures of my south african collection.
Mainly swartklip and RMC, but also a Simba, Korhaan, Shimwell bros, Springbok arms and one or two Walsh cases.

regards rené

PM sent.

Here is my small collection of specialty short 12ga shells from South Africa. These 2.25" were made for use with the Techno Arms “Mag-7” shotgun, which used a 5-shot magazine inserted into the pistol grip. I own the sporterized import version, the Mag-7M1. The shells are from L to R: #5 birdshot, SSG (buck), AAA, penetrator slug, drill rd, non-lethal rubber, non-lethal rubber. Standard 2.75" shells are shown on either end for scale:

Hi matt,
Nice collection of them, back when I collected plastic I used to have them in the normal size, and one or two of the 2.25" ones.
Am I correct to say that the headstamps on the drill and the penetrator are used for the south african police or army?

Regards rené

As far as I know the 12 12 headstamp is the military & police type headstamp.