Some Books,- whats interesting for collectors and what not?

I have some books in my bookmarks that are maybe interesting for me.
Can somebody rate these books so I can see whats nice to have and which are not realy interesting?

No 1: Browning .50 caliber Machine Guns by Gordon L Rottman [color=#FF0000]( whats about .50BMG Cartridges in this book?)
No 2:

No 3: Assault Rifle by Maxim Popenker [color=#FF0000]( good for russian Cartridges or only talks generaly and so its nothing for collectors ? )
No 4: Military Cartridge Headstamps Collectors by Guide Charles Conklin

The Assault Rifle book does have a section on the history of assault rifle cartridges. That book by Conklin is regarded as being very incomplete and with some errors but is better than nothing. In lieu of the first book you mention, the good collector reference for 50BMG is Ron Fuchs’ free guide:

Thank you for your reply.
I have that book downloaded and printed @ home,- thats realy like a bible for it.
But what I storys around it. Is the book somthing, that I`m looking for?
Or is there something better out there?

Howdy manuel,
I’m not sure what your looking for. I can’t speak to the .50 BMG book you show as I don’t have it but Ron’s book has dang near everything in it about the ammo & he updates it every 3 months. He usually posts here when he has the updates ready & provides a link.

My advice is to keep the book on your computer if you have room & trash the previous one to save space. This way you save printing costs & have an up to date version you can use. Ron puts the new finds/information in order so to have hard copy’s it would be expensive & time consuming to check each page to see if it needed reprinted. Just my 2¢

If your interested in the weapons themselves I’d suggest trying to find military manuals for the weapons. of interest. Tony Williams has books dealing with this type of weapon but he covers lots of different case types. If your interested in shooting look up and join as these are the folk doing the target shooting with them. There are also articles just about the ammunition.

Sorry but the other books I’m not familiar with.

Well I cannot resist saying that the best reference book for the British collector is .303 Inch by Labbett & Mead. Very closely followed by the works of some guy called Tony Edwards.

Is this not a good time to suggest a directory is in order? With things like Kindle coming on song its only a matter time before everything is available as a download.