Some Brit ammo - mostly common, some not so

OK - third post - then I’ll let it be.
This is just a rather cool site - it is nice to know one is not alone in this strange hobby.

This is a bundle of English ammo that I found amongst some German WW2 that I bought for my collection.
English ammo is not my thing - I have done a small amount of research on the items, but I share the pics with you learned fellows.
I’d love to hear if there is anything here worth hanging onto - or should I trade it all?

Clockwise - Two clips of wartime .303 - 3x.455 - .455 auto - 2X.455 (Brit & Canadian) - .44 Webley.

.455 auto - Webley auto-loader ammo.

.455 service revolver ammo - top British, bottom Canadian.

.44 Webley.

.455 Rem UMC

Dominion .455 Colt.

Thank you!

I cannot say what the .303 inch ammo is except it is Ball Mark VII and could be anything from WWI to WW2 as it has cupronickel envelopes (jackets to you gentlemen).

The .455 inch Self Loading for the Webley & Scott semi auto pistol is Ball Mark I made by Eley Brothers in 1919. The “Not for Revolvers” stamp is to avoid confusion between the revolver and S.L. rounds.

The .455 inch revolver is Ball Mark VI and made by Dominion Cartridge Co. in Canada in 1943. The Mark VI is cordite loaded and the Mark VIZ id nitrocellulose loaded. I wonder if the rubber stamp in the date part of the Mark VI label is actually a “Z” indicating it is NC loaded despite what the printed part says?

The “WRA Co. 44 WEB” is commercial US ammo.

The “REM-UMC 455 II” is contract ammunition made for Great Britain in 1940/41 before Lend Lease.

The “Dominion 455 COLT” is Canadian commercial ammunition.

One small pedantic point is that what you describe as “English” ammunition is actually British. England is just one part of Great Britain and we would not want to offend our Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish friends!


Thank you - great info.

Sorry about the generalization - certainly wouldn’t want to upset anyone.



The .455 W&S Self Loader MK I packet is somewhat hard to find here in the US, & would be a keeper, but as I don’t know were you are…

PS welcome to the forum

Thank you, Pete - I spend my time between Souther California and Phoenix, AZ.
I will adjust my Avatar to show this - sorry.

I do not collect Brit, so I will be looking to trade for interesting 3R ammo.

PS - I owned this Old Brit revolver for a while - photographed with another revolver with safety catch.
It was lovely, but if you fired it with modern Hornady .455 it didn’t engage the sear as it should - I have video, if anyone is interested -
Shooting surplus ammo - it cycled perfectly (semi-automatically.)

1906 Webley Fosbery .455 (MG:)) - 10.6mm 1883 Artillery Unit marked Reichsrevolver.