Some british shells

Can anybody tell me something about the following shotshells?

The purple one says:
double metal lined

ANy help is very welcome!

regards rené

Hi René

Nice cartridges you show:

the first from left is from gunmaker W.J. Jeffery London, The “J” trademark

Hi Rene,

The first one is made for Jeffery’s, M89 is spot on.

Picture of the box;

The others are harder to say, even though the two to the right say “Made in England” I somehow doubt it. I have them and I list them under Belgium made!, the high grade I am not sure on nor the smokeless.

Like Rene, I am open to any other information on them please.


Hi Lars and Mike,

Thanks for the input.
The Jeffery is what I had already thouhgt but wasn’t sure.
The others are a mistery to me.

Regards rené