Some Bulgarian Contemporary Ammo Boxes


Hi to all!
Here are some boxes full of ammo pictured in the near gunstore.

Here we go:

7,62x25 TT

7,62x39 FMJ Lead Core

7,62x39 FMJ Steel Core (there is nothing written on the box)

9x18 Lead Core

Arsenal 9x18 Lead Core Commersial




Ivo - thanks for sharing these pictures with us. The 7.62 x 25 mm Bulgarian packets showed up here as surplus ammunition for a short time, but I don’t recall seeing any of the others here. I got one of the lead core boxes for 9 x 18 mm - it came from a trade show and all the rounds, as I recall, were inert. They had a green primer and case mouth seal to differentiate them from the military loads with red seals, that have steel cores.

Nice stuff. I don’t recall ever seeing ANY completely commercial style box like the Makarov “Arsenal” box, in any caliber other than 9 mm Para. I have a commercial 9 mm Para box, although the art work is very different. The art work on your nice Arsenal box is very similar to that found on the boxes for the commercial Bulgarian Makarov Pistols sold in the USA.


John, when the box becomes empty, it will be yours.