Some chinese ammo photographs by me



70mm howitzer ammo from Germany

Type 83 122mm howitzer ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 66 152mm cannon ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 56 85mm howitzer ammo(antipersonnel lessen-explosive)

Type 60 122mm cannon ammo(antipersonnel explosive)


Type 44 100mm cannon ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 54 122mm howitzer ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 59 130mm cannon ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 71 100mm smoothbore-cannon ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

Type 56 85mm cannon ammo(spitzer armor-piercing tracer)

Type 55 85mm anti-tank ammo(hat-up armor-piercing tracer)

Type 73 100mm smoothbore-cannon ammo(APFSDS tungsten core)

Type 56 85mm cannon ammo(hypervelocity armor-piercing tracer)

Type 56 85mm cannon ammo(hat-up armor-piercing tracer)


Type 56 85mm cannon ammo(high explosive anti-tank fin-stabilized)

75mm infantry-gun ammo from USA

left:Type 83 60mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel), right:Type 89 60mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel)

Type 53 82mm mortar ammo(to launch the fly sheet)

82mm mortar ammo(special)


Type 89 100mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel incendiary)

left:Type 71 100m mortar ammo(antipersonnel explosive), right:Type 53 82mm mortar ammo

Type 55 120mm mortar ammo(white phosphorus)

Type 55 120mm mortar ammo(illumination)

Type 55 120mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

left:Type 87 82mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel explosive), right:Type 87 82mm mortar ammo(antipersonnel explosive by steel ball)


Type 78 82mm recoilless ammo(high explosive anti-tank)

Type 56 75mm recoilless ammo(antipersonnel explosive)

155mm howitzer ammo(illumination)

Type 59 130mm cannon ammo(illumination)


Type 66 152mm cannon ammo(illumination)

Type 53 82mm mortar ammo(incendiary)

Type 54 122mm howitzer ammo(white phosphorus)

155mm howitzer ammo(white phosphorus)

Type 66 152mm howitzer ammo(white phosphorus)


Looks like someone has been visiting the People’s Liberation Army Museum in Beijing.
Yes, they do have a fantastic display there.


Interesting pictures, but not of much use without explanations of what they are.


The Chinese signs are quite discriptive- at lease I can read the calibers(on some photos). Some translations would be great.


Great pics of big bore stuff (my fav), thanks!







L:Liu-4 fuze(shrapnel), M:Shi-1 fuze(time), R:Po-1 fuze(HEAT)

R:Pai-1 fuze(mortar)

L:Jian-1 fuze(rocket), M:Pai-4 fuze(mortar), R:Yan-1(white phosphorus)

R:Dian-1E fuze(electronic)



Type Fang-1 (fragmentation)

R:Type 72 anti-tank, M: Type 72 anti-tank, R:PnT-42 from CCCP

R:Gong-42(offensive), R:Type 82-1(fragmentation)


R:Type 67(wood handle)

Type 77-1 but no wood handle(left and right)


L:40mm(incendiary), R:40mm(antipersonnel by time fuze)


Vietnamese seized from the hand of the American, we seized from the hand of the Vietnamese.


Good work- with close- ups , translation and identification it will be FANTASTIC !


OK, I has been translated.

all photos in here



Type 72 anti-tank mine(iron shell)

L:Type 69 anti-personnel mine, R:Type 72 anti-personnel mine

L:Type 66 mine(similar M18A1 Claymore)



PF89 80mm individual rocket

Type 63 130mm rocket(antipersonnel explosive)


Type 79 21mm signal(hand)

Type 57 26mm signal cartridge




Great pics! I love the ones of the 2 Chinese torpedoes. 1st good pics I have seen of those 2. Looks like an incredible museum.


This museum has one of the largest ammo sections for public display I have ever seen.