Some cutaways of 11,4x59R Turkish Peabody

May these pictures will be interesting for old ammo collectors

Some years ago I bought 11,4x59R Turkish Peabody cartridges in Bulgary. Then my Bulgarian friend send me some additional specimens. In the end of the 2011 I decided to make display board with this cartridge and start section some cartridges.

For the first look all cartridges had an identical cases - the same length, the same rim and the same “rounded” primer

But during cutting I was surprised to discover 3 different cases construction.

First type case:

  • Long plain reinforced cup
  • Massive “belt” inside the case under reinforced cup
  • Primer cup with flat walls
  • 2 flash holes

Second type case:

  • Long reinforced cup with cannelure
  • small “step” inside the case body to fixing the cannelure of the reinforced cup
  • Primer cup with step on the inner walls
  • 3 flash holes

Third type case:

  • Short plain reinforced cup
  • No steps or belts inside the case body
  • Primer cup with step on the inner walls
  • 3 flash holes

Of course, such small research costs more cartridges then I planed, but the results of cartridge cutaway turned out fine:

treshkin, wonderful post!!! It is very interesting to see these cartridges sectioned. The ones made by Winchester were of the few exceptions in all their production to date using a Berdan primer (3 hole in this case).

Fede: Is one of the pictured cartridges of Winchester manufacture? Jack