Some DAG 9x19 headstamps and questions


Trying to systematize my 9x19 headstamps I find some DAG cases which are not completely understandable for me. Need some help with my questions:

  • What dots near DAG logo means on the fifth headstamp? Does they has special meaning?
  • What means SX marking and how it decrypt?
  • What is a difference in caliber headstamp 9 mm, 9 mm Para and 9mm Luger? Does it mean something or this is only a variants of commercila designation?
  • Marking like DAG94A0701 means: DAG-manufacturer, 94 - year 1994, A0701 - lot number, am I correct?


DAG94A0701 means:

DAG = manufacturer
94 = 1994
A = January
701 = lot number


Thanks for reply, EOD!

Could you tell me how other monthes of the year was designated in such headstamps? In alphabetical order or there was a special system?


The months were following the alphabetical order like:

A = January
B = February
C = March
etc. etc. till
L = December


Thank you once more, EOD!


Another part of German 9x19 headstamps of my small collection.

Please, help me to ID some markings:

  • What means letter S after MEN (headstamp #1)?
  • What means letters P, Q, E, D, O, G, C and digits 1 and 2 (headstamp #1, 8, 12, 13) at 9 o’clock?


Another DAG headstamp style in:



Thank you for interesting addition for the DAG headstamp variety


SX is an abbreviation of SINTOX.