Some display boards

Would share these nice boards that recent where in auction.




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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clip draw set! That’s pretty cool.


Almost the exact same clip draw set board from Fábrica Nacional de Toledo is shown here: Photographs & Drawings from a Monograph on 7x57mm Cartridge & Bladed Weapon Production at Fábrica Nacional de Toledo, Spain, 1909


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Is known who got the Polte board? I would be very interested to learn about the hs on the 7.62x54R M1891 Mosin-Nagant cases.

Is known who got the Polte board? 

Unfortunately now idea .


Was there a user-name associated with the winning bidder if it was an online auction? Sometimes people will use the same user name across different websites such as on Ebay, and if on Ebay then they could be emailed directly (if the user name is unique enough to be the same person).

A Polte board like the one shown was auctioned by Rock Island Auction on December 3, 2017, final price $2875…perhaps this was the one in question?


I didnt remember the auction site but thats the one you mention.
The other ones I don`t know where I saw them. But they sold recent.