Some exotic Russian 9mm rounds

Here are some nice Russian 9mms that a friend sent me A PHOTO OF, and I thought I’d share. If you have access to any or all of these, I’d like two boxes of each-one for me and one for my friend!

I have tried measuring them and all seem to be 9x19mm except for the third one from the right. Other thoughts???



I Haven’t seen the second one from the left before, but all the rest are AP rounds made for various Russian pistols and submachine guns; the third round from the right is a 9x21 SP-10 7N29 round, used in the Serdjukov “Vector” or “Gurza” pistol, and the SR2 Veresk.

Nice informations,

A friend from Europe who was the original source for the photos provided the following as ID. Note that all are 9x19mm loads.

From left to right:

  1. Experimental bullet in civilian case. KSPZ plant (same to code 61)

  2. Looks like this is Czech cartridge (to my knowledge the TPZ KOPP is Czech company) but possible bullet is Russian. At least specimen comes from Russia.

  3. 9x19 7N21 (with bullet similar to SP-10)

  4. 9x19 7N31 cartridge.

  5. Early version of 9x19 7N30

  6. Current version of 7N30 or 7N31 (not sure yet).

Sure wish they were in my collection!!!


Lew, the 7N30 looks totally different from what we see here.
No2 is the predecessor of the 7N30 while the 7N30 is not shown here.
No 5 looks like the 7N31 and No4 like something close to it but it is not a 7N31.
No 3 looks like a 7N21.
No 6 is closer to the 7N21 but different.
And No 1 is the star for me and I have no clue what it is.

I forgot, “TPZ KOPP” is all made in Russia so it might be that just cases on hand have been used.

Lew, Just to let you know, as far as all of my research into the legalities of pistol-caliber AP, all of these exposed-tip-steel-core type cartridges from Russia in 9x19 and 9x21 are perfectly legal to own here (except in IL, CA, TX, and wash D.C. with their really anal pistol AP laws) as long as they are imported legally as any other typical ammo would be. This is due to the fact that their cores are only partially made of a listed hardened material. The percentages on these work out to roughly 50/50 in terms of lead/steel. So these are legal in the same way that the FN 5.7x28mm SS190 variant cartridges are with their partial steel-core tip, and mostly lead rear core. Only that one cartridge on the far left of the photo I’m not sure about… It looks like a solid steel monolithic bullet with a brass driving band?, and so if that is a post 1986 production cartridge, and if it’s not already in the country, then you’d have to be a class 10 or class 11 FFL to get one according to the book. I’ve noticed that most all of the modern pistol / PDW AP rounds are only partially hardened metal-core bullets, and so they skirt nicely around the federal pistol AP ban. Getting boxes of them is super unlikely, but if anyone can get them, it’s somebody in the IAA.