Some FA Bullets in bulk boxes



Here’s another one…These are 220 grain Cole bullets for the .30 Army cartridge…



The .30/40 Bullets could have been for “Armory” Reloading, but is it possible that the 30/06 Bullets ( all types) were for either Contractor Loading, Armory Re-loading, or even NM competition Loading? ( ie, a Mixture of Military and Commercial (DCM) reloading?

When did National Guard Armories stop Reloading both Gallery and Range Ammo?
BTW, there should also be Packs of FA Primers (FA70 etc) also?

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Ray - Thanks for posting those pictures. I love these Frankford Arsenal component boxes. I usually don’t collect bullet, case or primer boxes, but I make exceptions for them, and any others that pique my interest. Aside from the FA boxes, though, in a collection of several thousand auto pistol-caliber boxes, i probably don’t have another half-dozen.

Attached is a picture of most of my FA boxes. In the picture top-left, I am not sure if the rubber date stamping on the label is original or not. I don’t recall seeing any other FA boxes so-stamped. I guess that primers should be dated, whereas it probably isn’t necessary with bullets. Note on the label of the bullets, top-right. the odd quantity of 49 bullets. The cartridge cases in the box shown at the left, turned sideways to fit the scanner, are date “51” as the box would indicate. I have another similar box in my collection with the box dated July 1948, but the primed cases are date “47.” The cases in the box at the bottom, beneath the three bullet boxes of 40 bullets each, are dated from 1936. The other labels are self-explanatory.

Hope these are of interest as well.

Pictures and boxes from John Moss


Randy & John

Thanks for those great boxes. I like the component boxes.

Speaking of Cal .45, here’s a photo of the No. 27 primers. The only one I have seen but I suspect they are fairly common. As you know, they are a different size than regular LP primers.


I have several boxes of empty cases, both primed and unprimed, dating from the 1920s thru the late 1970s. I can still remember, being an old shooter, when the DCM issued components to members of Rifle & Pistol Clubs who qualified by entering competitions and submitting scores. Junior shooters qualified for free 22 rf ammunition… Those were quaint days.



Great primer box Ray, thanks for posting it! This thread is a “keeper,” to be printed out for my FA file.


Doc asked about FA primer boxes…a couple are shown here…one that is interesting, that I used to have one of but can’t find, but saw another recently in a gun shop, is a box that contains 2050 FA 70 primers, all packed in cardboard tubes…



To further this thread, there are excellent pics of the Gill primer and the screw-lid can Frankford Arsenal supplied these for reloading purposes on Guy Hildebrand’s site. Jack



that are some beautiful boxes. Esp. the one for the stannic stained bullets.
Here are some pictures from component boxes from my collection

Unprimed cases

Primed cases

The box at the bottom is very interesting because of what is written on op of the box

And last but not least my only bullet box and two primer boxes




Nice boxes. I would expect the best, coming from your great Cal .30 box collection.

That’s an interesting box of M72 bullets. They are usually labeled “For M72 or M118 Match.” Notice my box from 3 years earlier where they are labelled as “M1 Type.”