Some FN 9x19mm rounds that may be of interest

In another topic EOD asked me to post an image of the FN titanium case 9mmP round. Although it is a very rare item (I don’t know of another titanium case small arms round in any caliber-but this is outside my area of any compentence), it is a pretty boring looking round so I am including some additional FN 9x19mm rounds that you may find interesting also:

My two best 9x19mm rounds
—On the left is the titanium round. I obtained it from a UK collection. I knew of one other example. and heard a rumor of a third, but no confirmation. I have no information on this cartridge. It is non-magnetic and the oaw is 197.9gr
—On the right is perhaps more interesting. Back in the 1980s Bill Woodin visited the FN patent library and the custodian was showing him patents and answering Bill’s questions. They were talking about FN aluminum case work, and the custodian gave Bill the patent folder. Included was a small envelope with three fired aluminum cases dated 1949. Bill admired them and the custodian proudly handed Bill one of them. Bill told me that he looked at the other two in the custodian’s hand and wondered how he could tell me about the case and admit FN still had two of them. So, he asked the custodian for a second one “for a freind”, and was handed the second. Apparently the patent file with the third case in it was destroyed or lost long ago so I think there are likely only two of these fired cases. The case weighs 19.8gr

Steel Case 9x19mm Rounds

—The first four rounds on the left have identical lacquered steel cases headstamped “F N 56” very lightly which are hard to read. One has a turned brass bullet and the one without a primer has what looks like a very early Swedish blank bullet.
—The two on the right are also the same basic case. One has a lacquered case finish and the other is drawn from a copper plated blank so the groove and casemouth are bare steel on tne completed case. Both are then painted to prevent corrosion. Note that the copper plated round and one of the FN 56 rounds both have primer crimps

Strange Bullets!!!

—The first bullet from the left was a concept trial putting a 5.56 AP bullet into a HP bullet to look at terminal performance.
—2nd round was a test of rifle bullet performance at mid-range velocity
—the 3rd & 4th rounds were also mid range tests, but this time the barrel was the same caliber as the bullet and the nylon sabot and steel washer remained int he case.
—The final two rounds were souvenir cartridges made up in the FN Lab by stuffing leftover rifle bullets into 9mm cases. The lab director had a large container of each of the two varieties on a table to give away to visitors. Note the round on the far right has the bullets crimped in. The crimp deforms the case so that the round won’t fit in a 9x19mm chamber. I have seen these "give away"rounds offered rare experimental cartridges by people who acquired them somewhere. I have never seen them represented as anything other than souvenirs by the original source. They still occasionally show up as rare experimental items on US auction sites.



Lew, amazing items and invaluable information! Thank you very much for sharing.



the titanium case is very beautiful

the cooper washed steel would be more easy to find

for the lacquered steel cases i saw similar in 7.62x51 ,headstamp fn 68

Lew, thanks a lot for the Titanium image and also for the aluminum one!
Great reference!

The only other smaller caliber with Titanium case is said to be an experimental variant of the Russian R-23 in 23x260. But I never got any solid first hand info on it let alone images.

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in medium caliber a 30x136 HS??? exist with titanium case but not remember if it only a case or a loaded round

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