Some FN P90-related stuff


Traded some Russian-specific items for these nice deatcs, thanks to one very nice gentleman from Belgium (who was responsible for developing these items back then)… So just can’t resists to show off, please forgive me if you can ;)

Any descriptions to go with the bits?

Paul Smith posted images of a couple of these in this post:

The 3rd and 4th from the left on the bottom should be the 4.5x27R and the 5.7x27R - both rimfires. I have never seen the 2 on the bottom right. They look sort of like an elongated .25NAA

Ok, the story is like that
solid machined dummy at the left was one of the first ‘proof of consept’ mock-ups to be shown to FN top brass
then there’s an early empty 5.7x28 case, two very early experimental rimfires (4.5 and 5.7mm) for Project 9.0, and two late 1990s short-case (25mm) experimentals, apparently made for pistols, first one loaded with standard SS190 bullet and second with experimental frangible one

bullets, L-to-R are: uncompleted SS90 (base not crimped), completed SS90, frangible experimental for 5.7, and 4.5mm for one of rim-fire prtotypes