Some fun with 3d software and ammo boxes

There is not too expensive 3d software that allows you to publish quick book and box designs. With the right scans you can even bring old ammo boxes to life.

Here’s some we prepared earlier. Enjoy.

now that will drive a lot of gray hairs crazy (I am all gray)…but I work in a techie world…so I see this (and more) tyoe of technology (and it is “cool”…and the “cool” word dates me !)

but this is the kind of “stuff” we want to fascinate and intrigue IAA tech users with…to encourage our IAA web growth…etc…etc


Pepper Burruss
IAA President

Ever work with Google SketchUp? Can you achieve same results? SketchUp is free.


That’s some neat stuff! (Pepper, is “neat” older than “cool”? I’m not gray yet, but that’s probably only due to various chemical exposures in my youth…)

How do you generate the model? Do you take a six side set of scans and the software makes the build, or what?

Very nice looking.


I like it!


Dave, yes. It’s simply a matter of scanning the sides and then linking them to a 3d box design using the box design software. That software also allows you to place the box, adjust the lighting and shading, etc.

These were created with a package called “Box Shot 3D”. It allows you to save the animations as animated GIF or as AVI video. The AVI option produces a smoother result, but it also produces a rather large video file.

There are also some products that allow you to create detailed still shots using the same technique.

Some still frame renderings for your enjoyment:

Really interesting.

I’m gonna call it damn cool.

I’m gonna call it damn cool.