Some good FAMAS rifle footage

I came across this video which is an edited montage of French troop action very recently in Afghanistan. At the 40-sec mark there is a great close-up of the FAMAS rifle and how the soldier uses it and the mag & scope configuration, etc… Thought it was interesting:

It’s an incredibly ugly firearm, nothing fluid about it’s various parts.

We can like or not the Famas.
Some good points (small length),but some bad ones also, like the need to change the upper receiver if you want to mount a scope, the magazines not compatible with M16 ones on the first guns and so on.
Now it exist a new version.

Anyway they are no more made (no more gun manufacturer exists in France) , but the French army has made a supply stock of them (200 or 300 000) a few years ago.

The problem is when you want to shoot. You need to find ctges !

France is no more manufacturing ctges !
Therefore for Police and Army we started to buy ctges abroad.
Fiocchi, then S&B, then IMI and now Turkish ctges !
All these ctges are at the Nato standard.

The problem is the Famas was never designed for Nato ctges but for French ctges !
Both ctges look like the same, except the primer of the French ctges is a lot harder than the Nato ones.

You have a trick on the Famas with the firing pin going out a little bite before the ctge is full chambered.
Therefore more and more accidents in Afghanistan with the Nato ctges !!


Why did it become not “politically correct” to manufacture arms and ammunition for a country’s military?

I remember JP saying a while ago that France stopped manufacturing ammunition to appear to the rest of the world to be a peaceful country. Not being able to supply your own military from domestic sources seems like a stupid decision by a government.

I never said France stopped manufacturing ammunition to appear to the rest of the world to be a peaceful country.

We are selling a lot of military staff, but more and more oriented on materials having an high percentage of electronics inside.

Mechanics only is becoming the poor parent.

We stopped manufacturing basic ammo because too many goverment errors in managing govermental plants resulted into a big economic desaster.
Factories closed, people were fired and so on

We are not the only country to do that.
Look at the US for example. They are obliged to buy their ammo from abroad also when there is a war like in Irak.

In fact the industrialized countries (except USSR) want to deal only with high tech products (more money, more fashionable) and prefer to buy easier to manufacture ammo from less industrialized countries.

Purely politics is also playing a role.
Why the need to make millions of ctges because we will not be anymore in war with our neigbourgs ?