Some headstamp info re: WW2 U.S. and ETO Axis


I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of rulez about posting links. But those who know me , KNOW me. So here’s a really great webpage that includes pictures and ID of numerous U.S and German headstamps. And I’m betting the majority of you will find yourselves checking out some of the other titles listed. Trust me on this, some really interesting stuff here.


I didn’t look at any of the other offerings on the cited webpage, but from the titles, I am sure there is much interesting material on it. The “Allied Headstamps” page, from a super fast “look over” seems to be fairly accurate, although basic, but the Axis page has errors and the headstamp pictures are relatively useless in many cases. For example, they show a headstamp “P27.” I have never heard of this headstamp nor is it shown in any of the coprehensive lists prepared in Germany in recent years, and cannot verify it from the picture shown, as most of the entries on the headstamp are illegible due to the poor photo, so very important in this case. A Czech Sellier & Bellot headstamp is shown with an interpretation of the Roman Numeral “IV”, which is the month the case was made (April), interpreted as the manufacturer’s designator. I didn’t take the time to look for other errors in the identification of the headstamps, admittedly. Regardless, I did not find that page useful, and it could be counter-productive for a new collector.

when I have time, I will look at some of the other topics - my comments above should not be construed to mean that I believe this whole site is without merit. Some of the topics really do sound interesting.


John Moss



Agree with you about the less than usable h/s pics. Assumed some inaccuracies as that’s not their field of expertise. BUT, there might be a gem or two of info in there, regardless.

As to content of the other articles, the bulk will be of interest to anyone with a historical bent for WW2. Great stuff on recovered/dug items in the ETO.




I do not spend near enough time at my PC desk and so the links will help. ;)

My big bro was a B24 pilot during WWII and so I could not help but click on the link to the aircrew photos of the 392nd Bomb Group (not his outfit BTW). They are fantastic! Whoever compiled all that all information deserves a “hurrah”. Those are the faces of the Greatest Generation.