Some interesting cartridges-who can identify

Here are some unusual cartirdges. Who can identify what they are. I know Josef Motz can identify the three belted rounds!

First two in this sometime I can’t recognize. 5,7x44?
Third, fourth and fifth belted cartridges are experimental smalcaliber cartridges for military purposes. Wasn’t producing factory, only experimentation. Cartridges are from before WW I and it is possible that it is the first belted cartridges in the world. Exact amount of time production indeed isn’t knows. These cartridges are on view on cartridges board firm Georg Roth in Hunting museum in castle Antol in Slovak Republic. Your cartridges indeed look like too new

Vit, You are correct. These are the G

Hi guys,
I know the bits. The first and second are czechoslovak army experimental cartridges in calibers 7 mm RAPID and 6,5 mm RAPID. For the owner of those bits, I would recommend to take a measurements of them. The length of case is 46 mm.

So, the rounds from the left are:
6,5x46 RAPID
7x46 RAPID

Thanks. And cheers for Vit Krcma. Karel (sig210)


That is exactly what they are. Well done. They were apparently experimentals for a ZK 412 carbine (don’t know if that is pronounced car-byne or car-bean). They seem to date from 1936. There was also an 8mm Rapid with a 35mm case length!

I had never heard of these cartridges until I was at the Czech show and picked up all five from a very nice gentleman who said he had made some replicas of cartridges that most would never see in the original form. Both the G

Hi Lew
There is a photo of 8mm RAPID.


Is that an original 8mm Rapid or a reproduction?

Yes, it is a reproduction. Weren’t found any original cart.

Sig, I have a bit of information on the 7mm & 6.5mm RAPID and intend to do a short article for the IAA Journal on those two cartridges. Can I use your photo on the 8mm RAPID to round out the article???

Hi Lew, no problem with that, you can use it, but thanks for asking. Karel